March 4-8


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**Important Information**

We are celebrating Dr. Seuss this week. He is a beloved children’s author and two of his books that we will read next week are, Fox in Socks and There’s A Wocket In My Pocket. We are inviting children to wear:

  • Tuesday, March 5th – Wear Crazy Socks with your school shoes
  • Wednesday, March 6th – Wear clothing that has pockets
  • I will have a substitute March 5-7, I will leave instructions for her to check planners each day for any notes or lunch money.
  • Spring Break is March 11-15. There is also a student holiday on March 18th.
  • I sent home information about our upcoming Champs Assembly on March 22nd. Please have your child practice their line and our group song over the next couple of weeks to prepare. We would love for you attend our Champs Assembly on March 22nd. It will start at 8:00 and end around 8:30.

This week we will be learning:

What we will be learning March 4-8:

  • I Love You Ritual song: Oh Mr. Sun
  • Sight Words: to, not, home

Morning Activities

  • Journal Writing (home), Draw a picture of your home and write a sentence about it.
  • Journal Writing (not) Draw two animals, one little and one big, write sentence beside each animal. I am not little. I am little.
  • Say it, spell it, write it sight words
  • Last Name Graphing, how many letters in your last name
  • Sight Word Journal Dance, students dance to music, when music stops students write down sight word called out
  • Continue working on beginning, middle, and end writing
  • create a Dr. Seuss creature like the ones seen in the book, There is a Wocket In my Pocket

Morning Message:

  • Dr. Seuss word families – op, ed, at, am
  • stretching sounds to write words, counting backwards, complete twenty frames using teen numbers
  • beginning blend sounds, counting words in a sentence, use number bonds to create a number sentence
  • match pictures to words, complete the sentence using the word that sounds the best, adding one more
  • rhyming words
  • sight word bingo
  • Self control song


  • books: Green Eggs and Ham, Fox in Socks, There is A Wocket in My Pocket, And to Think That I saw it on Mulberry Street
  • Graphs: Are you Wearing Silly Socks Today? How Many Pockets Do You Have?
  • Prediction: Will you like green eggs and ham?
  • Long U Song and Sounds of Y Song
  • Lesson on adding s and es to words, Play Mimeo Plural Nouns Game
  • Poems: I Have, EEKK (Elbow to Elbow, Knee to Knee), focus on (-ow words for long o and -ee/-ea for long e words)
  • Phoneme Segmenting and Blending – Students will name the picture and segment the word into phonemes while slowly sliding the parts together



  • solve word problems using objects and drawings to find sums up to 10
  • model the action of joining to represent addition
  • explain the strategies used to solve problems involving adding within 10 using words, pictures, and number sentences
  • Dr. Seuss Math Mimeo
  • I have, I Wish I Had, dot card game
  • Do You Like Green Eggs and Ham Graph
  • Clear the Deck Game -Review addition and subtraction with this game. Children work in pairs and split one game board. Each child starts with 10 cubes on their ten frame. They roll a +/- 1,2, or 3 dice to determine how many cubes to add or subtract from their side. The first to “clear their deck” wins!
  • Continue learning about coins, review using magnetic coins and money songs
  • students will work in small groups. Each group has to come up with all of the ways to make the number on their chart paper.
  • Finish using the Pete the Cat Work Mat to model subtraction situations using buttons. write subtraction equations
  • Number Talk: Using Rekenreks, How many beads do you see? How do you see them?  subitize, counting strategies, finger fluency, different ways to show a number, ways to come up with that number.
  • Number Talk: Dot Cards, What do you see? How do you see it?

Math Centers:

  • Sort and Graph Colored Goldfish crackers and Subtraction Smash (math by self)
  • Mimio Addition, Dice Addition (technology)
  • Tic Tac Teen (horseshoe)
  • Ten Frame Matchup (journals)
  • Race to Twenty Number Line and Piggy Bank Addition: Have students pick some items from around the room (pencils, crayons, markers, books, etc…) to put price tags on. Allow the students to price items (1 cents, 10 cents etc…). Students will then pick 2 items to buy and add up their total using the piggy bank addition sheet. (math with a partner)


  • Class Interactive Chart, Oh The Places You’ll Go! (I want to be a…)
  • Create Class Rhyming Book – There’s A Wocket In My Pocket
  • Write about making green eggs and ham and your opinion of how it tasted.
  • journal writing using sight words and new spring vocabulary
  • Students will continue to write letters to friends in our school
  • Continue setting and using writing goals
  • Continue Using story map to begin new beginning, middle, end story.

Social Studies/Science:

  • Social Studies Magazine Lesson
  • – learn about Dr. Seuss
  • Complete Chart facts about each season
  • students will draw themselves in their favorite season, wearing the clothing they would wear during that season.
  • Make Oobleck

Feeling Buddies: Continue Connecting With Others Lesson

  • To learn connecting strategies as tools for turning your thinking brain on in preparation to manage challenges
  • Sing #14 Important Messages and Discuss the feelings messages in the song.
  • Review steps for getting ahold of our feelings instead of our feelings getting ahold of us.
  • Practice Breathing Arms with I Love You Ritual Partner and add that as a breathing strategy.
  • Practice Story Hand and Bye Bye Crankies Ritual with partner
  • Sequence steps of the Safe Place

Hope you all have a great week!!




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