November 5-9


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Thank you all for attending our students led conferences this week! Each child loved showing their parents their work and progress they have made! I am so proud of them!! I hope you enjoy the “disguise a turkey” family project. Please send your disguised turkey in as soon as you can so that we can enjoy them before the Thanksgiving break.

November 5-9

This week we will be learning:

  • I Love You Ritual song: Wonderful Woman
  • Penmanship: Letters Yy, Ee, Ff
  • Sight Words: look, you
  • Reading: There was an Old Lady who swallowed a Pie, Pete The Cat Thanksgiving, Turkey Trouble
    • Discuss main character, setting, and order of events.
    • Find sight words, letters, words, & sentences
    • Graphic organizer with sequencing
    • Turkey erase a rhyme
    • Focus on sight words (I, can, the, on, am, like, see, me, we, go, at, little, in, is, my, put, you, look)
  • Poems:
    • You Need


    • Glad I’m Not a Turkey
  • Math:
    • number talks – Dot Cards, also use 2 rekenreks. Figure out the total on each. Then, the total all together. What do you see? How do you see it?
    • Grab and Count 2 Handfuls of objects
    • Number Line Game: Partners each create their number line. They take turns removing a card while their partners eyes are closed. The partner has to figure out which number is missing.
    • problem solving – which 3D shapes roll, stack, or slide?
    • Turkey Feather Count (with pipe cleaners and beads)
    • Problem Solving – There were 5 turkeys. 2 turkeys ran away. How many turkeys are left?
    • Have students create their own dot cards on notecards. Allow them to figure out how many and show it/share. 
    • Activity: Create Ten Craft: Use dice to come up with the some of ten
  • Writing
    • journals – use sight words (color words and other sight words I, see, we, go, on, the, go, am, like, can, me, at, little, in, is, my, put, look, you)
    • writing about personal experiences (focus on starting sentences with a capital letter, spacing between words, punctuation), reference our heart maps to get ideas of what to write about
    • continue adding to our personal word wall in our writing folders and Use sentence frames to help us write\
    • Review labeling anchor chart, draw a big turkey on chart paper and label it, use sentence stems to write a sentence about your turkey.
    • Thanksgiving Paper Bag Book using our class thankful brainstorming chart
    • lesson on writing words (say it slow, listen for sounds, write sounds you hear)
  • Social Studies/Science:
    • sharing family pictures and pages from our mascot and birthday journals
    • Why are Pumpkins Orange
    • Drawing and Labeling a turkey
    • Holiday Celebrations – Thanksgiving (brainpop jr.)
    • Fun Friday – Finish Walking Spiders!
    • Feeling Buddies: Keeping Our Feeling Buddies Safe – to recognize feeling faces, name the feeling and learn self-regulatory self-talk

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