October 22-26


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October 22-26

Tomorrow kicks off our Red Ribbon Week festivities! Here is the daily schedule for the week.

Monday: Wear Red.
Support the Red Ribbon Awareness campaign.

Tuesday: Wear your favorite team jersey or t-shirt.
“Team up against drugs!”

Wednesday: Wear dress-code appropriate pajamas. 
“Stay healthy, and have sweet dreams!”

Thursday: Wear crazy socks.
“Healthy habits help you stand out!”

Friday: Wear Roughneck spirit colors.
“Roughnecks stand strong against drugs!”


  • Continue sending in Sonic Limeades for Learning stickers and voting everyday for our project. This is the last week to vote and send in stickers.
  • Send in one mini pumpkin for your child to use for our pumpkin investigation science lessons this week.
  • I will send a reminder note home for the Student Led conferences on October 29th with your time on it this week.
  • Students can dress up on Halloween day as their favorite book character.  Remember this is a half day for students.

This week we will be learning:

  • I Love You Ritual song: Here’s The Bunny
  • Penmanship: Review letters we have learned so far, review numbers 1-10
  • Sight Words: is, my, put, continue learning all color words
  • Reading: Spookly the Square Pumpkin, The Little Old Lady Who Wasn’t Afraid of Anything
    • describe characters in story and discuss reasons for their actions
    • Discuss what Spookly did to help others. Students will draw a picture of something they have done to help others.
    • retelling the story, sequencing and story elements
    • rhyming picture match
    • erase a rhyme
    • focus on sight words (I, can, the, on, am, like, see, me, we, go, at, little, in, is, my, put), capital letters, punctuation
    • discuss the topic and details of nonfiction book
    • discuss connections readers have to books, students will tell about their personal connections with our book this week
    • make your own Spookly!
  • Poems:
    • Little Bluebird
    • 5 Little Pumpkins
  • Math:
    • number talks – Pips on a Dice
    • Discuss different ways of counting
    • problem solving – which 3D shapes roll, stack, or slide?
    • sort 2D/3D shapes by attributes, graph 3D shapes, begin creating 3D shape Halloween House
    • continue Measurement (measurement cards using objects to measure
    • lesson on ways to make 5 using ten frames.  
    • Introduce New Game: race to twenty, review one more, one less
    • Pumpkin Emotion Graph
    • Graph – Are you Afraid of spiders?  Yes/No, recreate graph using objects
    • Counting Jar (counting items in a jar in 2 different ways and then creating that quantity using other items)
    • lesson on finding numbers throughout our world
    • math rotation:
      • math by myself – Pumpkin Seeds Counting Story, QR code math write the room,
      • math with a partner – 2D/3D Shape Sorting, problem solving in journal
      • math in writing- finish How Many Apples Tall are You? measure and then draw in journal
      • math in technology – shape and number osmo and math mimio, number sense games
      • Meet with Teacher – Dice to Ten Frame Bump game
  • Writing
    • Continue – Why do writers write? Make a chart discuss and list different reasons for writers to write
    • Use heart maps and journal covers to draw and write about something you love and know about.
    • Continue – Halloween Story: Discuss adding detail to our pictures. Draw a picture of halloween costume, write about where you will go on Halloween and write about what you will do. Discuss what makes a 3 Star Picture
    • journals – use sight words (color words and other sight words I, see, we, go, on, the, go, am, like, can, me, at, little, in, is, my, put)
    • writing about personal experiences (focus on starting sentences with a capital letter, spacing between words, punctuation), reference our heart maps to get ideas of what to write about
    • continue adding to our personal word wall in our writing folders
    • Use sentence frames to help us write
    • Boo! Writing
    • My Fun Day Writing
    • lesson on writing words (say it slow, listen for sounds, write sounds you hear)
  • Social Studies/Science:
    • sharing family pictures and pages from our mascot and birthday journals
    • Bat Facts
    • Drawing and Labeling a bat
    • KWL Bats
    • parts of a pumpkin
    • 5 Senses Pumpkin
    • Pumpkin Investigation using the mini pumpkins from each student
    • Fun Friday – Walking Spiders!
    • Feeling Buddies: I Can Calm Myself class book

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